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Hello, my name is Manuel Secher; I live in Calgary, Canada.

I was born and raised in France, north of Nantes, in the middle of dairy cows, fields of wheat and corn. My grandparents still live there.  I've always been close to nature and fascinated by its beauty.


As a child, I was introduced to photography using my dad’s Olympus OM1. In 2000, at 18 years old, after a summer spent selling peanut pralines on the beach and incidentally learning how to surf, I used my earnings to purchase my first camera.


I moved to Calgary in 2005 after I had travelled to China on a professional assignment.  During my travels, I discovered a fascination for landscape and cityscape photography. The beauty of the Rockies and my thirst for adventure fulfilled my passion so I stayed here. I often combine a wilderness excursion with my landscape photography, reaching remote locations of spectacular beauty.


Through my photography, I take great pleasure in sharing the magnificence and beauty of all the places I have visited, with my friends and family … and you!


Thank you for taking the time to view and enjoy what I can only describe as nature's perfection.

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